2-way Communicator


Key Features

1. Machine Room or Extension Phone can call into any elevator, even overriding calls in progress to outside of the building
2. Ideal for machine room less elevator lifts
3. Capacity: 1 phone line and 4 elevators phones

Description of Operation

With the EMC-LR, any Remote Phone or Extension Phone can call into any of the elevator phones.

In the event of an entrapment or other emergency, an elevator occupant may press the “phone” button on the elevator control panel, causing the elevator phone to automatically call for help. The EMC-LR routes the call to the phone line connected.


Elevator Wiring Requirements
One shielded pair of communication cable, minimum 24AWG, with the shield grounded at one end only, preferably the controller end of the traveling cable.
Phone Line Requirements
Standard analog loop start voice grade telephone line
Number of Phone Lines
10 per module
Number of concurrent calls
10 per module, 1 handset per module
Capacity (number of handsets)
Connections for 3 (three) per module, more if wired in parallel
Phone Line Monitoring (PLM)
Independent - from EMC-60 cab phone through optional EMC-PAC PLM Power and Alarm Consolidators with battery backup
AC/DC Transformer (supplied)
120V AC, 60Hz input; 16.5V AC, 37VA output
Backup Power (Used if AC power is cut off)
12V 1200mAh rechargeable SLA battery. Replace every 5 years or as required
Operating Range
0 – 60°C
EMC-LR User Guide