LAN Extender
Ethernet Extender for Video or Access Control


Key Features

1.   Transmits Ethernet from the elevator cab to the machine room over one shielded twisted pair (the standard wiring installed in the traveling cable)
2.   No co-axial nor CAT5/6 cable required
3.   Capacity for both video camera and video display

Description of Operation

The Ethernet video signals from an IP camera and to a video display screen in an elevator cab connect to a transceiver which carries the signals up the shaft using only one pair of shielded, twisted wires in the traveling cable, usually #18 AWG, to a second transceiver in the elevator machine room where the Ethernet signals join the building's Video Management System.

The Long-Reach Ethernet Extender transmits Ethernet at rates as high as 100/75 Mbps over 1000’ (300m) over a single-pair phone line, supporting both symmetric and asymmetric transmission and selectable SNR options.