Remote Handsets


Key Features

1. Excellent sound quality
2. Auto redial if not answered by operator or line busy
3. Voice notifications if line busy or fault detected
4. Multiple languages (English, French or Spanish) with optional French touchpad.
5. Three emergency call numbers + maintenance/test call numbers
6. Remote call-in, remote programming and remote alarm simulation
7. Improved diagnostics
    - False entrapment alarm notification      
    - Line test simulating a conventional speakerphone
    - Built-in Phone Line Monitoring (PLM) required by the latest ASME Code
8. New digital technology enables feature flexibility with optional customization
9. Ease of setup and operation
    - extended touch keypad      
    - 6 indication LED's
10. Reduced PCB footprint if speaker mounted remotely & flexible power supply

Description of Operation

All of Emercom machine room / security desk phones are fully compatible with any of the consolidator products.
Contact sales for more details regarding these phones.

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