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What EMC60 settings are required to interface with the LS250?
For EMC60 FW 2.4 and older, ensure CMD 40 = 3 and start with the settings CMD 30 = 9, CMD 31 = 7, CMD 34 = 0 and CMD 35 = 0.
I did not receive an installation guide with my phone
Scan the QR Code on the face-plate, to the right of the speaker, to access our latest product guides.
What is the EMC-60-RF product?
Same EMC60 electronics in a reduce footprint modular format
Can I connect VoIP equipment to your equipment?
One only needs to connect a Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) between the Ethernet and the TEL port of equipment. Call Emercom Support for recommended ATA devices.
Why is there a phone line alarm?
The consolidator does not recognize a valid line voltage on one or more TEL terminals. Ensure that unused TEL inputs are disabled (run LEARN MODE) and a voltage >15V appears on the line when on-hook.
Why does "Phone requires service. Please notify building manager or press phone button again" play?
The EMC60 plays this prompt after an emergency call is not answered. The building manager or installer needs to question why the call was not answered and take corrective action. The prompt repeats every 5min or until a successful emergency call is made. To turn off this feature, set CMD 33 (Service Prompt / Notification) = 0.
What would reduce an EMC60 phone battery capacity?
Allowing a battery to fully discharge reduces the battery capacity. When shipping or not in use, ensure the battery is disconnected. Emercom's latest emergency phones are now equipped with a discharge monitor that disconnect the battery during long power outages.
What is the difference between the EMC-ALRM and the EMC-ALRM-FULL?
Phone Line Monitoring
The EMC-ALRM-FULL is a direct replacement with competitor's boards. The EMC-ALRM is electronically equivalent but occupies 1/2 the board space.